Power Loom?


A power loom is a device that combined thread to make cloth using steam power. The power loom was a steam-powered, mechanically operated version of a regular loom.
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A power loom is a type of loom that is powered mechanically instead of using human power to weave patterns or thread into cloth. The first power loom was designed in the year 1784 by an inventor called Edmund Cartwright and first built in 1785. It has evolved over the centuries and is now more accurate and is able to be powered by a wide range of power sources.
Power Loom is the successor to the Loom knowledge representation system. It provides a language and environment for constructing intelligent, knowledge-based applications.
The power loom is an invention that combined threads to make cloth. Power looms were assembled in the weaving shed of a mill and driven by a steam engine by belts from overhead shafting. Power looms were a major advance over the handlooms used before.
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