What Does the Pupil Do?


The pupil is used for controlling the amount of light entering the eye through the change in the size of the pupil. A pupil is described as a hole found in the centre or middle of the iris of the eye which allows light entry into the retina.
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The. pupil. is circular opening located in the center of the. iris. of the eye and that controls the amount of light that enters the. eye. Oxford dictionary: 1. it can mean a pupil
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The pupil's function is to allow light enter the retina. It is characterised by a black colour as most of the light entering the pupil is absorbed by the tissues ...
Pinpoint pupils are when ones pupils do not react to dark and light by opening up and then restricting again. Pinpoint pupils can indicate a few things such as ...
The pupil, is the round black spot in the center of the eye. Legal and illegal drugs can cause a persons pupils to get smaller like a pinpoint. Such drugs are ...
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