What Does the Raven Symbolize?


The raven is a black bird. It is used in movies and books as an ominous sign. The raven symbolizes secrets, darkness, evil and a foreboding sens of doom.
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Ravens symbolize different things to cultures around the world. To some it is associated with death, darkness and ill omen, and to others it is a symbol of light, goodness and cunning.
Though the bird in Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem "The Raven" was associated with sorrow and melancholy, in Northwestern Native American folklore the raven was a crafty hero who released the sun from imprisonment.
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The raven represents gods and goddesses in many religions. In literature, crows often represent death or impending doom. In Native American culture, the raven ...
Many wonder as to what does the raven bird symbolize. It is commonly seen as a symbol of death in Western society. The raven is also viewed as a harbinger of ill ...
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