What does the refresh button do?


The refresh button tells the Internet browser to reload the current website. It requests the entire page again from scratch. While refresh buttons were often necessary in the past, modern websites typically update information without requiring a manual refresh.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, websites were static documents, which users had to manually reload to retrieve new information. Websites could later be set to reload at predetermined intervals. Thanks to advanced JavaScript programming, however, modern websites update information when necessary. These automatic updates are helpful on social media sites and for people following sporting events online.

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Refresh button is a key on key board used to reset and refresh the contents of what the computer is displaying be it the home screen, start page or a browser. ...
It is in the address bar. ...
The F5 button is used to refresh the current window in the computer. It is located along the top of the Keyboard together with other F keys. ...
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