What Does the Term Due Diligence Mean?


Due Diligence refers to the process of investigating the details of a potential investment, such as an assessment of management and operations and the confirmation of material facts by investors.
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Definition. Due diligence is the act of performing a reasonable investigation into the facts and circumstances of a transaction to ensure a full and complete understanding of the
It means "looking hard to find" - something. Example- He is s. eeking diligently. to find a way out of his financial problems.
Due dilligence is where they check that everything is legal, clean and free of any encumbrances. It is modtly used in banking where they check to make sure your money is not drug
term n. 1. A limited period of time. 2. A period of time that is assigned to a person to serve: a six-year term as senator. See synonyms at period. 3. A period when a school or court
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