What Does the Uvula Do?


Uvula is a fleshy extension that is normally located at the back of the soft palate hanging above the throat. The term may also be used to refer to any piece of hanging flesh from any body part, especially when hanging from the opening of the bladder.
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The uvula is the small piece of soft tissue that can be seen dangling down from the soft palate over the back of the tongue. It helps keep food from going down the wrong way down the breathing passage when one swallows.
Uvula is the soft fleshy part which hangs down from the soft palate inside the mouth. Its main role is to prevent food going through the main breathing passage when eating or drinking.
The uvula refers to the anatomic structure that hangs downward at the back end of the mouth. This part of the mouth is normally attached to the rear end of the soft palate and forms in the shape of a finger.
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The Uvula is important in the articulation of the sound of the human voice to form the sounds of speech. It also works in tandem with the back of the throat, the ...
The uvula is located in the back of the mouth and it is an important part of the total oral cancer screening. Oral cancer occurs on the uvula as well as the tonsils ...
The uvula is the strange hanging bit of flesh found in the back of the mouth at the entrance to the throat. It serves two purposes. It's first purpose is to prevent ...
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