What Does the W Stand for in 10w30?


In 10w30, the letter W stands for winter. The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) launched a series of viscosity classifications at both 100 and at 0 degrees Celsius. When there is a 'W' in the SAE classification, it means the oil is rated for low temperature use. The SAE 10W30 meets the requirements for 10-weight oil at cold temperatures as well as 30-weight oil at high temperatures.
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The 10 is the "weight" of the oil when it is cold, W. means winter, 30 is the weight of
I think the first number is the viscosity of the oil on a start up in a cold climate and the second is what it will be when the engine reaches operating temp. That standard is 100degrees
1. Loosen the oil drain plug located on the oil pan. You can access the drain plug from underneath the vehicle. When the plug is loose, slide the oil catch can underneath the plug
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