What does the word "frugal" mean?


"Frugal" is an adjective meaning "economical, without waste, careful in spending money or thrifty." It can also mean "meager" or "not expensive." The nominal form is "frugality." The adverbial form is "frugally." The word "frugal" dates from the 1590s. It comes from the Latin "frugalis," which comes from "frugi," meaning "useful" or "temperate." The root word is frux, meaning "fruit." Frux is also the root of the word "fruitful."

Here are some examples of the word "frugal" used in a sentence:

"The frugal shopper knows that buying in bulk is a better value."

"I breakfasted on a frugal meal of plain oatmeal."

"Practicing daily frugality, I was able to save up a sizable nest egg."

"She lived frugally, rarely buying new clothes or eating out in restaurants."

The word "frugal" today will sometimes be used with a negative connotation, as a synonum for words such as "skinflint," "stingy" or "miserly," indicating a person who spends as little money as possible, even at the expense of his own enjoyment or well-being. However, the original meaning of the word is positive, associating it with values such as temperance, moderation, honesty, practicality and economy.

Antonyms for the word "frugal" include "lavish," "excessive," "careless," "extravagant," "spendthrift" and "wasteful."

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