What Does the Word Supplanter Mean?


Supplanter refers to one who illegally seizes and holds the place of another. This is a person who wrongfully supersedes and replaces. The act is primarily done through intrigue or underhanded tactics.
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[suh-plant, -plahnt]
to take the place of (another), as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like.
to replace (one thing) by something else.
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a supplanter is one who takes the place or moves into the position of another. Readd the story of Issac's sons, Jacob and Esau. Jacob was known as the supplanter for what he perpetrated
Synonyms for supplant: acting, additional, alternate, another, artificial,
"Supplanter" refers to someone who has either replaced, or taken the place of another, with/without force.
Hi Ab 'Supplant' has the connotation of conspiracy; one king may be supplanted for another. It works like the word 'substitute'. 'Lieu' has a business-like, abstract connotation;
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The word supplanter is used when referring to a person who seizes and holds the place of another person illegally or wrongfully. This word is a noun and it sometimes ...
To supplant is to literally trip up one's heels, to throw down; to put under the sole of the foot, to trip up'. A supplanter is the person who takes the place ...
Supplant means to take the place or position of (another), as through force, planning or strategy. Sometimes it can be described as to remove or dislodge by stratagem ...
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