What does the word "touche" mean?


The word "touche" originates in the French language and is commonly used to acknowledge when a person makes a particularly poignant or witty point in a discussion or argument. It is typically made with an air of triumph over the other person in the conversation. The literal translation comes from the French past participle "toucher," which means "to touch."

Another use of the word "touche" is in the sport of fencing. It acknowledges a hit by a fencer's opposition and is spoken by a person admitting defeat. In both applications of the word, the intent is to concede that the other person has won, but the tone and underlying emotion is generally good-natured.

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You may be referring to the French word 'Touche' which means "touched" and this is a term used in the sport of fencing meaning 'a hit' .
The phrase touché is used when one person presents an argument and another delivers a clever
The phrase touché is often used in popular culture and general conversation—for example, in an argument or debate. If one person presents an argument and another delivers
"Touche" pronounced as "tu say is French for "affected. Is used to acknowledge a quick, appropriate verbal response. Touche for your answer.
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