What Does Tiguan Mean?


The definition of the word Tiguan is a model of a Volkswagen vehicle. It is a compact crossover vehicle that was built by a German automaker and was based on the platform of the Volkswagen Golf. Other models that are often confused with the Tiguan include the Touran and the Touareg models.
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A tiguan is a Volkswagen
1. Look underneath the rear bumper of the Tiguan and locate the off-centerd square panels on the underside of the bumper. Measure from the top corner of the square located to the
Tiger+iguana=Tiguan. Well, as it is German, you would say it is tiger+leguan which works as well. A very peculiar name coined to raise questions and draw attention : It is said the
Hey Dude, The new Volkswagen Tiguan reviews are mind blowing and I am really happy with it in terms of features and technology. All features are basically designed for the latest
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