What Does Toujours Mean in English?


Toujours is a French word which means always in English. It has more than one meaning and can also mean forever, evermore and all along.
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toujours = always
"Toujours mon amour" translates into English as "always my love". Thanks!
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Love always! like saying Viva Love! or Love is Great!
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The meaning of the French phrase toujours is always. Common phrases used include pour toujours is for always. Another one is toujours jeunes, which means forever ...
Toujours pret is a common french phrase used by young machismo men. 'Toujours' means always and 'pret' means ready, therefore it means always ready. Toujours pret ...
The French phrase "Je t'aime pour toujours" translated to English means "I love ...
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