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The term trending has been popularizes by social media platforms. Trending signifies a topic or event which is currently popular and much discussed online.
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Fashion trend forecasters hypothesize what future trends will emerge in the next season's styles. The job requires extensive research on a regular basis by using observations of the
I don't know, sorry. There are 2 resons for trend one is ised in math (I think) and the other is something to do with fashon.....yea, something like
1. Keep up on the latest trends by subscribing to Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, and other fashion magazines. You can also go onto the websites of these magazines,
Trending is usually influenced by Media. During the week, whatever is on popular on TV, for example the X Factor and I'm a celeb, end up becoming popular hashtags, as so many people
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the general course or prevailing tendency; drift: trends in the teaching of foreign languages; the trend of events.
style or vogue: the new trend in women's apparel.
the general direction followed by a road, river, coastline, or the like.
to have a general tendency, as events, conditions, etc.
to tend to take a particular direction; extend in some direction indicated.
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