What Does Underdog Mean?


Underdog means having little status in society. The word is often used to describe someone who has little chance of winning a contest. He was the underdog in the boxing match is a sentence using the word.
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[uhn-der-dawg, -dog]
a person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict.
a victim of social or political injustice: The underdogs were beginning to organize their protests.
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1. Get a pair of red sweatpants. These should be comfortable, neither skintight nor oversized. 2. Find a giant red sweatshirt two sizes too large. Underdog's overall costume is supposed
I hope the Patriots win, they are my favorite. Jason Lee was the voice of Underdog in the 2007
the word underdog mean someone who thinks they couldn't do something and end ups doing it.
I have to disagree, my personal experience is that the English love supporting the underdog, finding the American habit of loving a winner just a little tacky and tawdry. Just watch
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