What Does Unspent Mean?


Unspent can be defined as not spent financial resources, or unexpended funds. In revenue it means; the contents of the treasury preserves intact under its guardianship. It can also mean not used up completely meaning; unexhausted resources.
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not spent or used, as money.
not used up or consumed: unspent energy.
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Through the Rehabilitation Act qualifying offenses become spent, or forgotten, after a rehabilitation period. The rehabilitation period depends on the offense and the age of the offender
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unspent: (of financial resources) not spent
Ii have been employed by my current employer for 12 weeks they have offered me a new position on another contract and have decided that the new policy of all staff being crb checked
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Unspent criminal conviction is when one is convicted of a crime that conviction will stay on public record sometimes indefinitely. In the UK, some convictions ...
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