What Does USDA Stand for?


USDA stands for The United States Department of Agriculture. They are a federal department and regulates policy when it comes to food, forestry, and farming. They were formed on May 15, 1962.
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The USDA was established in 1862 during Abraham Lincoln's presidency. In 1889, President Grover Cleveland made the head of the USDA a member of the president's cabinet, elevating
USDA. United States Department of Agriculture. USDA. Union Solidarity and Development Association. (Burma) USDA. United States Dairy Association. USDA. United Square Dancer's Association
USDA ,United States Department of Agriculture or United Stated Dair...
Union Solidarity and Development Association (Burma)
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What Does USDA Stand for?
USDA is the acronym for the United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA is the government agency responsible for all U.S. policy regarding agriculture, food and farming. The organization is headed by the Secretary of Agriculture, who, as of October... More »
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