What does Venus look like?


Venus, the second planet from the sun, is slightly smaller than the Earth and is covered by thick clouds of sulphuric acid that make it difficult to observe its surface. Venus appears as a bright object in the morning sky.

The surface of Venus has been mapped using radar technology. Underneath the thick layers of clouds, this planet has a relatively smooth surface, but geological features, such as volcanoes, craters, mountains and canyons have been discovered. Venus does not have any water and is the hottest planet in the solar system. Most of its surface is made out of volcanic rock, and prominent flows of lava have been observed.

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If you looked at Venus through a telescope you would just see bright white clouds. The clouds are actually covering a planet that is covered in brown rocks. ...
The surface of the planet Venus looks like it has been formed out volcanic activity. The planet has some 167 volcanoes that are more than 100 km across. The Venusian ...
The weather on Venus is characterized by sulfuric rain and extremely high temperatures. Venus is likened to a blistering inferno as it records temperatures above ...
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