What does Victoria Beckham's Arabic tattoo mean?


While Victoria Beckham does not have an Arabic tattoo, the tattoo down the back of her neck is written in Hebrew, which could be confused with Arabic. She got the tattoo to celebrate her sixth wedding anniversary.

The Hebrew phrase reads, "Ani ledodi vedodi li haro'eh ba'shoshanim." Translated into English, the script says, "I am my love's, and my love is mine, who browses among the lillies." It is a passage taken from Song of Solomon in the Bible. David Beckham has the same phrase tattooed on the inside of his forearm. The phrase is often recited by brides after they are married.

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Victoria Beckham's tattoo on her back is a Hebrew script that reads 'I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine, who browses among the lilies'. Her husband David ...
Victoria Beckham has six different tattoos, however her and her husband have frequently used Middleton tattoo studio which is located in Middleton, Manchester. ...
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