What does virgin mean?


The word virgin has a variety of specific meanings, but it is most commonly used to describe a person or an animal that has never had sexual intercourse. Other uses of the word can refer to something in a natural or an untouched state, such as freshly fallen snow.

As a technical term referring to human sexuality, a virgin is a person who has not had sexual intercourse with another person. This term can also be applied to animals, but it is more commonly known to refer to human beings. In terms of religion, virgin can refer to many things, from the vestal virgins of ancient Rome to the Virgin Mary of the Christian tradition, who is said to have been a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus Christ. Some religious traditions consider virginity to be an unspoiled state and place heavy emphasis on the so-called purity of virgins: particularly females.

People who are inexperienced in other, nonsexual, areas can also be described as virgins. For example, someone who has never been swimming before can be described as a virgin swimmer. The term implies a lack of experience and knowledge about a specific thing.

The word virgin can also be used in both nonhuman and nonsexual contexts. One of the most common areas where this happens is with oils: particularly olive oil. Anyone who has had extra-virgin olive oil will know that this form of the oil is darker and has more olive flavor than other types. Something that has yet to have human contact, such as a remote part of Antarctica, can be described as virgin territory.

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a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
an unmarried girl or woman.
Ecclesiastical an unmarried, religious woman, especially a saint.
Mary, the mother of Christ.
Informal. any person who is uninitiated, uninformed, or the like: He's still a virgin as far as hard work is concerned.
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