What does "VoIP" stand for?


The term "VoIP" is an acronym that stands for "voice over Internet Protocol." It is a technology for delivering voice and multimedia over Internet Protocol networks. It is most commonly recognized as the means of using a phone service over the Internet.

VoIP works by VoIP converting analog voice signals into digital data packets. The providers typically offer phone service online with considerably lower rates than traditional phone lines. Many of the VoIP connections are even free, aside from the charges for Internet service. It is a popular way to communicate in business communications or when speaking with people in international destinations. Call centers worldwide commonly use VoIP technology due to the low cost and the ability to make calls remotely.

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VoIP works by converting the voice signal into a digital signal-that is, a string of binary digits (ones and zeros)that can be transmitted over the Internet. If you make a VoIP call
The abbreviation VOIP stand Voice Over Internet Protocol. Voice Over Internet Protocol is used in order for people's voices to be transmitted over the internet.
VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It's a protocol for transmitting the human
Video Over IP (Internet Protocol) Plugin (software)
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What Does VoIP Stand For?
VoIP is an acronym for "Voice over Internet Protocol" and is a method of transmitting voice telephone messages over an IP ("Internet Protocol") data network rather than a traditional telephone network. The data network in question can be the Internet or... More »
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