What does volvox eat?


According to the Scitable website by Nature Education, Volvox is a type of multicellular organism in the green algae family, and it does not eat anything. Rather, it undergoes a process known as photosynthesis in order to obtain energy from sunlight and convert it into the energy needed to survive.

Photosynthesis is a process that is used by plants, bacteria and certain types of algae. The process takes place in two phases: light reactions and dark reactions. Light reactions take place in the presence of light, and during this phase, sunlight is converted into chemical energy. During the dark reactions phase, the energy is then converted into sugar.

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Volvox engage in photosynthesis to convert sunlight into energy. The algae uses its capacity to engage in photosynthesis in a selective manner. It can use this capacity to support
they eat through the mouth.
Baby rabbits need to consume milk. At about 2-3 weeks they can begin to eat pellets, veges and
Volvox is photosynthetic which means it creates its own food, like a plant.
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A volvox is a type of multicellular organism that is part of the Volvocales family and can be usually found in ponds. This creature eats primarily through photosynthesis ...
Since Volvox live in ponds and ditches there menus are primarily algae, organic matters and bacterias, but also all different kinds of water existing plants. ...
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