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The term Wags has a number of meanings. It could mean to be in motion, to gossip or move in chatter or to move up and down in quick motions. It is also an acronym for Wives and girlfriends.
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to move from side to side, forward and backward, or up and down, especially rapidly and repeatedly: a dog wagging its tail.
to move (the tongue), as in idle or indiscreet chatter.
to shake (a finger) at someone, as in reproach.
to move or nod (the head).
to be moved from side to side or one way and the other, especially rapidly and repeatedly, as the head or the tail.
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The word wag has several meanings. It could mean a witty amusing person who makes jokes. It could also be used to refer to the repeated motion of a dogs tail from side to side.
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Dogs wag their tails for a lot of different reasons. Some wag them when they are happy, embarrassed, nervous or angry. Different dogs have different personalities in order to tell
A wag is a mischievous person, a jokester. WAG is a very crude acronym for 'wise ass guess' More commonly, it is used in the British press to mean "Wives and Girlfriends"
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