Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe?


The saying 'Wednesdays child is full of woe' simply refers to an old English poem that was used to make people believe that a child that is born on a Wednesday will have a life full of bad luck and trouble.
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It could be because thats what the author of the poem thought about being born's-...
It mean misfourtune.
This was written in the 1800's, primarily for fortune telling, later became a nursery rhyme. Worry not about your sister, dear brother, for she will fare well. You are a caring lad,
Mondays child fair of face,n Tuesdays child full of grace, Wednesdays child full of woe, Thursdays child far to go, Fridays child loving and giving.
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Wednesday's child is full of woe is an old world poem and has no truthfulness. It is supposed to mean that a child born on Wednesday will have a life of woe meaning life time of trouble.
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