What does "well-rounded" mean?


"Well-rounded" means having varied attributes and qualities or being well balanced. The figurative use of this term became popular in the mid 1800s, while its more literal translation, having a round shape, dates back to the late 1700s. Being well-rounded is looked upon as a positive feature of a person or program.

Well-rounded exercise programs are those that work on different goals instead of focusing on one or two. A well-rounded curriculum is one that is balanced among many different types of subjects, including academics, the arts and technology. A well-rounded diet contains a variety of foods in proper balance with one another.

People also have the potential to be described as well-rounded. This means that they have a variety of strengths, interests and abilities. A well-rounded student is one who does well in his studies in addition to participating in extracurricular activities, according to About.com College Admissions. He is exposed to a number of pursuits and, therefore, has perspective on a variety of topics. Many colleges look for evidence of well-rounded students when examining applications for admission. They want students who excel in academics, but they also want candidates to show interest in other areas as well. These students are good for the school, and they tend to be successful in life. Employers also often search for well-rounded employees who are active in community affairs. These employees bring a great deal to the table in terms of their own perspectives, and they also represent the business well in the community.

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