What is a "womanizer"?


"Womanizer" is a slang term for a man who dates a lot of women and possesses an irresistible charm. He tends to come on strong when pursuing women and is often misleading in his intentions.

A womanizer loves the chase and will stop at nothing when it comes to pursuing the objects of his affection. He comes on strong and fast, showering women with gifts and compliments until they agree to his advances. A womanizer often becomes bored once he gets what he wants, which in turn can lead to hurt and confusion for the women he pursues.

A common perception of a womanizer is that he seems too good to be true, which unfortunately is the truth in many cases. While it is easy for a woman to be swept off her feet by a charming man, it is important for her to trust her intuition and move on if he displays womanizing behavior.

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a philanderer.
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