What Does Y2j Mean?


Y2j originated from wrestler Chris Jericho who made a mockery, or publicity stunt known as The Y2J Problem which later changed to just Y2J, the J of course meaning Jericho. He later proclaimed himself Y2J
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Chris Jericho is Y2J. It was a nickname he gave himself in 1999 when he joined the WWE.
Y2J is the nickname of wrestler Christopher Keith Irvine, better known by his ring name Chris Jericho.
"I cannot save you anymore. It's part of a story, you have a big name like Jericho, and if he comes back he will get a lot of positive reaction, he turned that to negative reaction
Y2J is the ring nickname of Chris Jericho. However, Y2K was the scare that all computers would
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The name used by Chris Jericho Y2J was derived from the Y2K virus. This was a virus that was believed to take over the world in 2000. He was a popular wrestler ...
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