What does a Mouse Look Like?


A mouse looks like a small rodent with a long tail. It's often white in color and hair fur and red beady eyes. A mouse can also look like a small electronic device with two buttons on top of it for use with a computer. My favorite mouse has 2 legs,
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1. Download or purchase a graphics program. Paint.net has a free, easy-to-use graphics program that is perfect for a beginner if a program is not already installed on your computer.
1 Purchase a mouse pad. Buy a mouse pad that is a color that you like and has little or no pattern on it. Your drawings will stand out more if it is plain. Ad 2 Buy some markers.
traction and decore but this is a good reason but thats not why well thats one of the reasons but umm its also to help you move it around and to click nd juss to moovvveee basicly
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A pressure-sensitive pad is a safety device that works like a mouse to prevent arm injury. It is placed infront of a computer keyboard to warn the user of too ...
A mouse is a rodent that is brown to dark brown in colour and it has four legs. It feeds on small fruits, berries, beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, leaf hoppers ...
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