What Dollar Amount Constitutes a Felony Theft?


Different states have different dollar amounts that change a theft charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. In Oregon, the amount is $1,000 or more in stolen or damaged property.
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This depends on the Jurisdiction. In the United States there are some place where a person can be charged with Grand Larceny(usually a felony) with no set minimum dollar amount.
A class D felony in Indiana will cost you between 6 months and 3 years
Code of Alabama Section 13A-8 Theft. 03- 1st degree = $2,500 or more or any vehicle B Fel. 04- 2nd deg = $500 to 2500- C Fel. 05- 3rd deg = -500 Class A misd. Read section 13 A -8
Grand theft in Georgia is the theft of any item or items with total monetary value above $500.
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The minimum amount for a felony theft charge is $500. A misdemeanor charge is anything lower than $500. Larger amounts could increase the amount of jail time.
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