What dress size is Michelle Obama?


There has never been any official confirmation of Michelle Obama's dress size, but the fashion world estimates her as between sizes 10 and 12. The First Lady has become a style icon over the years since taking to the campaign trail with her husband's first presidential bid.

Michelle Obama has not only an eye for style, but she also has an eye for emerging talent in fashion. Her dress during the 2009 inauguration ceremonies put designer Jason Wu on the map. The fashion world has since kept an eye on her every move in fashion from her Target dresses to her designer wear.

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She is a big pretty gal.
Although I couldn't find a reputable source to validate the info, Michelle Obama
1. Get some suits. Michelle Obama favors a traditional suit and skirt combination but also wears pant suits. Buy something that flatters your figure and make sure it's been professionally
i know! but i think she's really pretty and i dont think she's a size twelve maybe around a size 10
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