What Eats a Platypus?


Water rats and will try to eat the platypus when they are young and small. Monitor lizards like an occasional platypus and so do some snakes. For the most part they have few natural predators, maybe they are good fighters. You can find more information here: http://www.blurtit.com/q967054.html
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Platypuses are carnivores. They are predators; they eat small water animals such as aquatic insect larvae, fresh water shrimp, annelid worms, yabbies and crayfish. To catch their
The platypus eats shrimps, larvae, horsehair worms, fish eggs, plan...
The young of a platypus is not given any specific name, and it is certainly not a "puggle", as some websites proclaim.
The platypus belongs to the order monotremata, as does the echidna, sometimes known as the spiny anteater, which is its only living close relative. Platypuses and echidnas are the
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Platypuses have several natural predators. Water-rats, eagles, goannas, hawks, pythons, eagles, foxes and even cats and dogs will eat platypuses. You can find more information here: http://www.thebigzoo.com/Animals/Duck-Billed_Platypus.asp
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