What Eats a Platypus?


Water rats and will try to eat the platypus when they are young and small. Monitor lizards like an occasional platypus and so do some snakes. For the most part they have few natural predators, maybe they are good fighters. You can find more information here: http://www.blurtit.com/q967054.html
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Platypuses are carnivores. They are predators; they eat small water animals such as aquatic insect larvae of caddisflies, mayflies and two-winged flies, fresh water shrimp, annelid
The platypus eats shrimps, larvae, horsehair worms, fish eggs, plan...
concise.britannica.com/ebc/article-93754… says: Large fishes and perhaps snakes prey on platypuses freespace.virgin.net/g.agnew/details.h… says: "It is unknown
The Platypus is a carnivore: it feeds on annelid worms and insect larvae, freshwater shrimp, and yabbies (freshwater crayfish) that it digs out of the riverbed with its snout or catches
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Platypuses have several natural predators. Water-rats, eagles, goannas, hawks, pythons, eagles, foxes and even cats and dogs will eat platypuses. You can find more information here: http://www.thebigzoo.com/Animals/Duck-Billed_Platypus.asp
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Platypuses mainly feed on insects as they are insectivorous. They eat insect larvae, worms or other freshwater insects. These mammals usually feed at night, searching ...
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