What Eats an Owl in a Food Chain?


A wolf, snake or fox eats an owl in a food chain. Humans are also considered predators of owls, as many people hunt for them and eat them. Owls will eat small birds, bats and mice.
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the Owls food chain consists of Photosynthesis Plants Rabbits, Grouse,Rats, mice and insects Bats, Shrews, Weasles Owls
Owls eat snakes, which eat mice, which eat grasshoppers, which feed off of plants.
Plants, animals and fungi create energy that is transferred when one consumes another. Find a food chain by following the energy transfer from one source to the next. Bob Pflugfelder
they eat mice /rodents and buttersotch lollipops rats/mice opossums porcupines raccoons baby kittens hedgehogs young fox few owls eat badgers weasels fishers mink skunks squirrels
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