What Eats Black Bears?


Black bears are very dominant animals in their natural inhabitat. However, rare cases of them being killed by cougars , during disputes over preyed carcasses have been noted, as well as more common killings of black bears by packs of wolves, who use numbers to subdue the much stronger bear. Brown bears are generally sucessful when faced with wolves, however, the black bear and the brown bear don't often come to be in conflict, due to their own typical lifestyle patterns.
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Bears live in. dens. made of twigs and resources that they can find. They live in woodsy areas, that is why we don't really see them in our everyday lives.
Bears eat salmon to get ready for hibernation.
Nothing, these animals are at the apex of their food chain.
Tigers Eat Sloth Bears. Nothing Else. The Only Other Predator Is Humans. Sloth Bears Are Apex Predators And Only Has A Few Predators. Apex Predator Does Not Just Mean No Predators
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Black bears are lucky as far as the food chain goes. Nothing in the wild will eat them. A pack of wolves may be able to attack one together, but otherwise they are just too big.
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