What Eats Cactus?


Cactus is eaten by animals, birds and insects. Examples of birds that eat the cactus include cactus wren and the grasshopper sparrow. Some species of antelope may also eat them during the drought because they contain water.
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Mealy bugs (often called woolly aphids) live on the cactus plant's surface and within its root system. They are a whitish-gray insect that moves if disturbed. Scale insects attach
Javalina, deer, rabbits, even humans and other organisms munch on cacti. Various birds eat the fruit of the saguaro and prickly pear. Insects and small animals pollinate the cacti
The many varieties of the agave plant primarily grow in Mexico and tropical South America, although some varieties grow in the southwestern United States, where the sap of the agave
He wont eat another cactus.
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What Eats a Cactus?
With their low water needs and resistance to many common pests and diseases, members of the cactus family can be exceptionally resilient. But cactuses are not immune to damage, and some insects and animals will eat them. Even people enjoy eating... More »
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