What Eats Cactus?


Cactus is eaten by animals, birds and insects. Examples of birds that eat the cactus include cactus wren and the grasshopper sparrow. Some species of antelope may also eat them during the drought because they contain water.
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1. Choose a prickly pear of the best quality. Pears with a deep color will generally provide the most enjoyable sweet flavor-look for a purple or deep orange color. 2. If you have
1. Buy or forage some prickly pear pads. See Warnings. There's a reason it's called the. prickly. pear cactus. Find pads that are bright green and firm. Small, young pads harvested
The fruit (tunas) of the prickly pear cactus (Opuntia sp) can be made into syrups and candies. These syrups and candies are sold at the airport and many tourist venues throughout
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What Eats a Cactus?
With their low water needs and resistance to many common pests and diseases, members of the cactus family can be exceptionally resilient. But cactuses are not immune to damage, and some insects and animals will eat them. Even people enjoy eating... More »
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