What Eats Chameleons?


Chameleons have many natural enemies. Their biggest predators are birds of prey, including hawks and cuckoos. Chameleons may also be eaten by snakes and rats. You can find more information here: http://library.thinkquest.org/C0115747/enemies123.htm
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Snakes, eagles and other birds of prey
Chameleons are often eaten by snakes, especially the Boomslang and Vine Snake. Birds, like
Chameleons feed on locusts, mantis, crickets, grasshopper and other insects, but larger chameleons have been known to eat small birds and other lizards.
I an thinking of buying one but not too sure what they eat apart from flies. They eat many different insects which need to be dusted with vitamin supplements first so that the chameleon
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There are several things that will eat chameleons. Snakes, mammals, and birds of all sizes, including birds of prey, will eat chameleons.
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