What animals eat cockroaches?


Several animals are known to eat cockroaches. A few examples are opossums, mongooses, centipedes and even some wasps. There are also many species of reptile that will eat cockroaches. You can find more information here: http://www.roachkillerproducts.com/Naturalroachkiller.html
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You need to ask again as you question makes little sense.
The cockroach has only a few predators, but they include scorpions, wasps, toads,
What is the difference between a waterbug and a cockroach? That depends on what bug you are referring to. The name Waterbug is applied generically to species of aquatic insects, and
When cockroaches travel indoors, it is usually either by accident or because they have discovered a source of food or moisture that can sustain their survival. Therefore, the rooms
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Most pets that eat insects will also eat cockroaches. Lizards and other reptiles eat cockroaches. Birds, frogs, toads, centipedes and bats also eat cockroaches.
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