What Eats Crayfish?


Some of the animals that eat crayfish are opossums, owls, foxes, raccoons, snakes, muskrats, turtles, newts, yellow perch, and blue gill fish. Crayfish are considered to be a tasty meal by many humans as well.
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Try some regular fish food. I used to have crayfish and I used to feed them fish food. When I fed the crayfish fish food I took them out of their tank and put them in a container
Some other names for crayfish is CRAWDAD, CRAWDADDY, CRAWFISH.
They are scavengers.
There are a couple hundred different species of crayfish, but the one most commonly eaten in the US is the red swamp crayfish ( Procambarus clarkii ), about 95% of which come from
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Crayfish, which are commonly referred to as crawdads. They are a nocturnal species which make them a huge source of food for freshwater fish, such as bass, trout, and large bluegills.
There are many things that eats crayfish. Octopus, fish, frogs, and birds will eat crayfish. Some humans enjoy eating crayfish too. I've tried them and don't like them, but some families eat them as a regular meal.
Some things that eat crayfish are some alligators, some types of fish, snakes, raccoons, minks, small lobsters and some freshwater crustaceans.
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