What Eats Deer?


The major predators of deer are the mountain lions, coyotes, wolves and wild dogs. Deer have other predators such as bears, alligators, wild dogs and the bobcats. Upon sensing danger, a deer's main defence is to run.
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Deer do not have prey, they eat plants.
In most areas, deer eat just about any type of vegetation or mast they can find. Deer eat
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Natural predators of a deer include wolves, coyotes and bobcats.
Deer's eat forbs, like flowering plants and weeds. They love sweet fruits like apples, crab apples and persimmons. Acorns, beechnuts, pecans and other hard mast are the important fall and winter foods for deer. Soft and hard mast is high-energy eats that help deer pack on fat.
Some of the foods that a deer eats include nuts, mushrooms, farm crops and woody plants such as maple, aspen, blueberry and hemlock. The farm crops that a deer eats normally include; winter wheat, sweet potatoes, soybeans and peas.
A deer's diet changes with the seasons. In spring and summer it eats green plants while in fall it eats acorns, corns and nuts. During winter a deer eats buds and twigs. In general it normally eats a variety of foods including legumes, cacti and also grass.
Some of the foods that are eaten by deer include grass, brambles, ivy, and acorns. If one is raring deer, it is advisable to control their numbers to avoid food shortage in hard weather as they consume about 2.5 kg of food for every 45kg of body weight, per day.
Wolves, lions, tigers and humans usually are the ones to eat deer. This animal is considered prey to the larger lions and tigers and although very fast, they are overpowered and killed. Humans hunt and kill deer for sport as well as the venison they provide.
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