What Eats Duckweed?


Duckweed, as the name suggests is food to ducks and fish as well as several species of birds. Duckweed also supplies shelter and protection for aquatic animals like the frogs, fish, insects, crustaceans, snakes and others animals.
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Duckweed takes oxygen and water and combines it into carbohydrates.
Rodents will eat anything they can find, even if it's rotted and decaying. They don't mind insects, seeds, grains or cereals, either. Rodents like people food, too.
Starfish eats from the bottom of the ocean. They usually are avoided due to their sharp spines. The King crabs, otters and gulls will eat them.
Some people try to use Duckweed for fish and livestock food, while more and more people are trying it out as a tool for waste water treatment. For the smaller water body owner, Duckweed
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Pigs, deer, elephants, bobcats, ducks and a few other birds will eat duckweed. There are also fish that will eat duckweed, including carp. You can find more information here: http://schmidling.com/duckwd.htm
Duckweed are floating plants that are found in ponds and marshes. Frogs, birds, fish and many other animals eat duckweed and use it as a source of shelter. You can find more information here: http://www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/duckweed.htm
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