What Eats Fleas?


Nematodes, or microscopic worms, eat flea larvae. Spiders, ants, and ground beetles also consume fleas. A yard that has these types of predators will house less fleas than another yard without them.
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Immature fleas, or larvae, molt twice before they finally spin a cocoon to become an adult flea. They eat flea stool, dead insects and dead skin cells. Adult dog fleas feed on the
a monkey. bantam chickens.
Fleas are a parasite. Parasites are left off food webs, if they were included they would be at the
Fleas eat blood. Young pups are particularly at risk from fleas as they can die from flea anemia.
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Predators of fleas are spiders, ants, and beetles. Frogs and definitely lizards would like them for a snack. I assume you are just wondering about their predators.
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Fleas feed exclusively on warm blooded animals, by drawing blood from their host by using their piercing mouth parts. As they pierce the skin they inject anti-blood ...
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The normal carp prefer eating animals that exist at the bottom of water bodies like algae, insects, tiny crustaceans and water fleas as well as freshwater shrimps ...
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