What Eats Honey Bees?


Frogs and toads probably eat the most bees, though birds are also known to eat them as well. Cats and kittens will eat a bee or wasp from time to time, though it is probably accidental when they do it.
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the bears are the ones that eat the honey the honey bees make.they eat the honey bees
Typically, honey bee swarms occur when a hive becomes overcrowded. The colony forms a new queen, and the old queen flies away, taking part of the colony with her. The swarm lands
Pollen from plants which have evolved to attract them. To entice bees and other pollinating creatures in, plants produce flowers which are often brightly coloured, scented and provide
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Honey bees have many enemies. If you want to know what eats honey bees, it's quite a few animals. Skunks and sometimes raccoons will eat honey bees. But their number one predator are bears. They will eat the bees, and the honey.
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