What Eats Krill?


Many marine animals eat krill. Examples are blue whales, manta rays, seals and penguins. There are over 85 species of krill, which are classified as animals. You can find more information here: http://www.farallones.org/e_newsletter/2006-04/Krill.htm
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Whales, manta rays, whale sharks, seals, a few bird species, penguins, squid and fish are the krill's predators. do petral bird eat krill.
a group of krill is called an effusion.
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Krill are a type of ocean crustacean that very closely resemble shrimp but are smaller in size. Krill can grow up to five centimeters in length and due to their miniscule size, krill
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What Do Krill Eat?
Krill are tiny aquatic crustaceans inhabiting oceans worldwide, sometimes in great numbers. The Antarctic krill has been estimated at over 500 million metric tonnes' biomass, perhaps the greatest of any multicellular organism. While a few species are... More »
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