What eats mosquitoes?


Predators that eat mosquitoes are the mosquito fish, guppies, birds, dragonflies, and bats. To control mosquito numbers, try putting bird houses in your yard to attract mosquito-eating birds. Likewise, bat houses should attract beneficial bats to a yard. Avoid using pesticides harmful to dragonflies and other mosquito-eating insects.
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One of the biggest eaters of mosquitos is the spider. A spider can consume many insects in one night, alone. Also, frogs eat those pesky mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes are tasty little meals for some fish, birds and other insects. Mosquitofish love mosquito larvae and can down about 50 larvae in about a half hour time period. Guppies, dragonflies, some birds help keep the mosquito population down, but the most effective is the bat. Bats can eat up to 1000 insects, which include the mosquito, within an hour of time. You can find more information here: http://www.mosquito-netting.com/predators.html
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