What Eats Octopus?


There are several species that eats octopus. This includes great white sharks, along with blue whales and even hammerhead sharks. Certain species of Scorpion fish like to dine on dead octopus as well.
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Young octopus eat copepods, larval crabs and larval seastars. Adults eat crabs and fish.
Crustaceans make up a large portion of the octopus's diet. Crabs, mollusks and snails are some octopus favorites. Octopi use their tongues, which contain many small, sharp teeth,
Octopus prey on crabs, crayfish, and mollusks. They have beaklike jaws and venomous saliva.
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Numerous different kinds of fish feed on octopuses. In fact, one study found that 26 percent of fish species, when examined, had octopus parts in their stomachs. Sea otters and harbor seals eat them as well.
There are several sea preditors of the octopus. Such as the conger eel and the moray eel. Also dolphins and sharks eat octopus. Humans also eat octopus.
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