What Eats Termites?


Termites, for us humans, can cause a great deal of trouble by banding together to take out wooden structures by the boat loads. However, we are not the termites biggest concern in return. Ants are the termites biggest enemy. Ants have been known to raid an entire termite nest only to prey on their young. Birds and lizards are also fans of the termite cuisine as well as other mammals like aardvarks and anteaters.
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In general, termites are eaten by ants and some other animals that include honey, badgers, numbats ( marsupials) anteaters, and aardwolves (native to Africa) Sometimes, it is not
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History Termites have existed for more than 350 million years, dating back to the time of dinosaurs. Termites were, in fact, an essential part of some dinosaur species' diet. Function
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What Eats Termites?
Rich in protein and healthy fats, termites are easy prey for most animals and insects. They are hunted by creatures ranging from woodpeckers to nematodes and are a standard in the diet of many other creatures around the world because of their vital... More »
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There are lots of species that like to eat termites. Badgers, monkeys, lizards, some birds, and even some types of ants all eat termites. Some people even eat termites because of their high protein content.
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Termites are insects that are known for eating wood. Quite a number of other animals eat termites, such as insects and birds, and some in fact have evolved to ...
Ants feed on small insects including termites. As a matter of fact, the major predators of termites are ants. Unlike the termites ants do not move in groups but ...
If they happen upon them, then yes, black ants will eat termites. However, it's important to remember that there are quite a few species of ant that could be considered ...
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