What Eats the King Cobra?


A king cobra is feared by most creatures. The venom of a king cobra can kill a human. This daunting fact does not deter a mongoose however. When face to face in battle, it is most often the mongoose, with it's lightening fast reflexes, that is victorious.
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King cobras are eaten by mongooses and birds of prey.
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In most cases king cobras eat any thing from mice , bird , fish, frogs, toads, lizards, eggs, chicks, rats and some time smaller snakes.
A mongoose and adult pythons.
The King Cobra is a carnivore that eats mainly other snakes, but will eat lizards,
1. Begin by observing that the king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world. This incredible snake can grow to over 18 feet in length. While not especially heavy, they are
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The king cobra is mainly eaten by the mongoose. The king cobra itself preys on birds, fish, snakes, frogs, chicks, toads, lizards and bird's eggs which form its ...
Just like other types of snake, a king cobra tends to stick to mice and other types of small rodents. They even swallow their prey whole! Talk about a full stomach ...
A King Cobra is a type of venomous snake. King Cobra's eat birds, fish, lizards, and other small creatures. Their predators are humans and birds of prey. That ...
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