What Effective Customer Engagement Strategies Have You Seen?

What have you seen or done that's worked? I just read Loren McDonald's blog on post-purchase emails that drive engagement which was great, but it doesn't necessarily have to be for purchase-related engagement, nor does it have to be email only. Examples would be great


Harry Klein (President, Customer Engagement Strategies, Inc.)
Here's a real simple 'tool' for keeping top customers engaged. It's not really a tool - it's a single question.The question communicates several things including:

1. You are committed to creating great customer experiences
2. You trust your customer and consider them an equal in the relationship
3. And, you're committed to listening and doing something about their concerns

Sorry to be coy but to see the question and to read more about how it works, please visit http://bit.ly/hvpIjL.
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Jeniffer Maben (Live Chat Software Consultant, Live2Support Inc)
I have also read some stuffs regarding customer engagement and compared Live2Support is a great tool to engage customers. http://www.live2support.com
nikil123 jagal (SMM Executive at Nichepro , nichepro)
To begin this comprehensive approach, it is critical to gain an understanding of where your customers are spending their time, what they are doing and how you can deliver consistent and compelling consumer engagements that drive transactions.

* Development of effective customer engagement websites
* Search marketing campaigns including SEO and PPC
* Mobile direct marketing campaigns
* Social media campaigns and management
* Digital display advertising campaign development and management
* Comprehensive campaign analytics reporting and analysis

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1. Make sure that customers can find you on the Web. Develop a good search engine optimization strategy by including keywords throughout the content of your website, updating your
How about facenook page? :) You can use a tab in your facebook page to collect data from users sample:
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Finding tricky ways to draw info out of a person.
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Well-designed surveys can be very effective - unfortunately the vast majority of those I've seen in practice are not particularly well-designed.
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