What compound is represented as CH4?


CH4 is an abbreviation for a type of compound that consists of one part Carbon and four parts Hydrogen. The compound that falls under this category is Methane (i.e. natural gas).
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A file with the CH4 file extension is a Charisma 4.0 Presentation file. Other types of files may also use the CH4 file extension. If you know of any additional file formats that use
Number of atoms: 1 (C), 4 (H). Mass fraction: 74.9% (C), 25.1% (H)....
Methane's life span is actually much shorter than the life span of carbon dioxide. But it's ability to trap heat is much higher. When measured over a 100 year frame of reference
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CH4 is not an element but a compound known as methane. It is a gaseous compound very prevalent in the atmosphere. It is, organic, covalent and forms a polar bond.
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