What Element Is Ch4?


CH4 is an abbreviation for a type of compound that consists of one part Carbon and four parts Hydrogen. The compound that falls under this category is Methane (i.e. natural gas).
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1 Carbon and 4 Hydrogen.
CH4 is Methane. One molecule of methane contains 1 carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms. Thanks!
C=Carbon H=Hydrogen. 4 of them.
Methane = CH4. 1 mol methane contains 1 mol of C atoms and 4 mol of H atoms. Molar mass methane = 16g/mol. If you have 7.50g methane , you have 7.5/16 = 0.46875 mol of methane. This
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CH4 is not an element but a compound known as methane. It is a gaseous compound very prevalent in the atmosphere. It is, organic, covalent and forms a polar bond.
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