What elements make up carbohydrates?


The elements that make up carbohydrates are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Carbohydrates are important because they help in supplying the body with energy which is needed for the day to day activities that we engage in.
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What Elements Make Up Carbohydrates?
The elements that make up carbohydrates are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and they occur in the same ration whether they form glucose or complex carbohydrates. Learn about the makeup of carbohydrates with information from a registered and licensed... More »
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Carbohydrates are compounds composed of the elements carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, and are arranged as Monosaccharides or as multiples of Monosaccharides.
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The elements that are found in carbohydrates are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. This organic compound has an empirical formula of Cm (H2O) n where the hydrogen to ...
Sugar is a water-soluble crystalline carbohydrate made up of the following elements: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Glucose is the most essential carbohydrate fuel ...
Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates do not digest well, but they have important dietary elements for humans. They function as an energy source and enhance ...
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