What English words begin with "dw"?


The English words that begin with "dw" are: dwarf, dweeb, dwindle, dwell and dwine, as well as various forms of these words. Dwindle and dwine share a common root, an Old English word that means "to waste away."

Of the words beginning with "dw", dweeb is a noun, dwine and dwindle are verbs, and various forms of both dwarf and dwell can be either nouns or verbs. "Dweeb" is a slang term for a wimp or an uninteresting person. A "dwarf", the noun, is a person with a medical condition sometimes called "dwarfism" that prevents him from growing past a certain height. Although "dwarves" is considered an offensive term for people suffering from dwarfism, many fantasy novels feature a race of people called dwarves who tend to be shorter than the average height.

The verb "to dwarf", accordingly, means to cause an appearance of being small in some way. "Dwell" and its various forms have several different meanings. A "dwelling" is a home or place of residence. The verb "to dwell" can mean either to reside in a place or a state such as happiness or poverty. "To dwell" can also mean to think about or ponder something for an extended period of time.

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