Badminton Equipment?


There isn't much equipment needed to play badminton. You need a racket and a birdie, which is the ball that you need to hit. You also need a net to hit the birdie over.
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Badminton racquets are light and thin, with a long handle and small head. They can be made from light metals, such as aluminum or a carbon fiber composite. The strings used in badminton
A racket and a shuttlecock. Also, trainers, shorts and a t-shirt.
Knowing how to play badminton is a useful skill to have. Badminton is popular at vacation resorts, colleges and in family rec rooms. If you know how to play badminton you already
1. Always hit the center of the shuttle. You should hit the round rubber center, or the "sweet spot" of the shuttle every single time. You can practice this technique by
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